Love Island…. Are you sure

Its over for another year, the show I can only compare to marmite, you either love it or you hate it.

I try not to delve into the emotional attachments of these shows, it’s far to easy to become overly involved and invested in the “realities” shown, but I do love those plastic water bottles.

So let’s dive straight in. As these contestants enter these shows voluntarily does it give you the right to ridicule, insult and bully them….
Short answer no.
Long answer NOOOOOOOOO!

One consistent opinion I’ve seen through this season of love Island is that it’s been too tame, not enough stirring by producers, not enough drama. From another angle it has been claimed the producers have been emotionally abusing and manipulating contestants, further to this previous contestants have claimed they didn’t receive enough care after they left the show. So where do we even start? You can’t demand that we go back to having individuals subjected to guessing which nasty tweet is about them whilst demanding their mental health and welfare is protected, it just doesn’t work.

BTW if you attack a girl verbally for having plastic surgery and then ridicule and mock her appearance before the plastic surgery, then you are living on a very ugly hamster wheel.

Watching season 2 back was eye opening to say the least (binge watching netflix). Games were set up and played in order to stir up drama and a bit of conflict in that moment, but I couldn’t bare to imagine the lasting affects of hearing a boy say that he’d bed you then go off with another girl, could have on someone.

Personally I really enjoyed season 2 of Love Island and for so long I argued it to be the best season, but now I’m starting to question my own stance on this show.

My favourite and one of the most stand out moments of season 2, the speech given by Sophie Gradon . She in so few words made it clear that girls can do ANYTHING we want and WILL do anything we want and that’s something the world will have to learn to live with. She had myself and many others like me swinging our metaphorical bras round like cowgirls (or maybe our actual bras who knows). It was an empowering and unforgettable moment.

Sadly the world after reality TV was not one Sophie could continue in, a very sudden and heartbreaking loss of a young vibrant woman.

These people voluntarily enter a show, potentially with the aims to find fame as reality shows are a very strong entry into the world of celebs. Does the voluntary action give us the right to poke and prod at them and twist their emotions for our entertainment? Do these types of shows need a serious re think?

Social Media is an ugly world in general, leaving young people in tears just because they’re not societies idea of perfection. I ate my weight in fries tonight but if you want to drink detoxing teas great, you do you, but don’t go giving me no judgy eyes.

I could go on for hours writing about the pain caused by words but hopefully this opens perspectives a little bit, it may form further opinions and reflections. Maybe this will make you think twice before you post that negative comment and lastly I hope one day no one has to feel the way this young and beautiful woman did.



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