Driving home for Christmas…. And never coming back!

I’m kidding, I have to come back next week, Yay. I’m not prepared, at all.
It’s the holidays I’ve been busy eating my weight in pigs in blankets and forcing my dogs to love me and then eating their weight in pigs in blankets. No in all honesty skipping the formative exams and extending my Christmas break was the best choice EVER. Oh yeah, I’m not the next Eve Cornwell, I’m not a good influence for other students/ also not a very good student in general *insert halo and angel wings*.
In the last three weeks my fellow students have been literally tearing their hair out, staying up until fuck knows what time in the morning, revising for these exams that you get NO MARK FOR, that DON’T COUNT TOWARD YOUR FINAL GRADE AT ALL, THAT ONLY LAST ONE HOUR BUT APPARENTLY REPRESENT THE THREE HOUR EVIL THAT AWAIT US IN MAY. So, you get it, POINTLESS.
So, what have I done in the last three weeks…. ate everything, been to Nottingham, Cardiff and My lovely Birmingham for gigs, got a new tattoo, celebrated my birthday, drank a lot of gin, ya know all that fun stuff. I have also been ill, friggin Christmas flu or whatever they called it so really it was more my doctors nono that meant I couldn’t go back for exams, so I just made the most of my medical detainment.
Now at least I’m healthier… kind of… ready to return to uni to get back to my half arse work ethic and play candy crush during the lectures… just kidding, maybe.


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