I haven’t blogged in months, I’ve been so preoccupied, so here’s a tiny snippet into recent events and why I’ve just not had the energy to write anything down.
First year of Uni is meant to be filled with drugs, alcohol, drugs, missed lectures, drugs, did I say drugs? Well it was full of these things but holyyyyy f*ck how these kids don’t end up dead I do not know. Ok let’s be fair I am so far from innocent I bent my halo used it as a frisbee and smacked a small baby with it (that joke will come back to bite me one day) but some of the shit in Bristol is next level.
Despite all that fun stuff…. My accommodation (over £10,000 a year) was fucking disgusting. There were more noise complaints than fire alarms and that’s saying something, someone made a noise complaint about me whilst I slept…. I do not snore that loud. The hot water pretty much never worked until the odd occasion where the temperature gage got stuck and suddenly, you’re a lobster splashing about in a boiling pan. I don’t think the oven got hotter than 120, the fridge kept freezing things and the freezer kept defrosting things… not even constantly so I couldn’t just swap the food round, I had a fridge with the temper of a 15-year-old girl. The taps were leaking from day dot and lets just not talk about the smoking toaster, never shared his cigarettes.
Eventually I packed up and left, the commute seemed much more appealing and I managed to “convince” Unite to let me out of my tenancy and refund me a chunk of my rent. Magically just after I left my contact details were used to open multiple bank accounts and max out the overdrafts, coincidental? Who the fuck knows?
Exams roll round and I’m ready and raring to go, network rail on the other hand, so NOT ready. Trains cancelled first thing in the morning leaving me with no other travel options that day, so that’s one exam down to sit in August. Exams are just pure evil, 3 hours of pretending to be a solicitor advising people on potential cases then writing essays, expected to sound as if we already have our degree…. then again, I forgot to write my name on my exam paper… and I wrote the wrong candidate number so doomed from the start really.
Oh well its over now for a few months, my brains stopped feeling like its being rear-ended by the constitution.
PS – avoid unite students like the plague xo

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