Holiday in Hell…. I mean Exam Season

So… exam season really does suck. Being tired, panicked, hyped up on coffee, hungover and having a constant headache for 3 weeks is not a good mix, but I survived… I think.

Over this exam period I had 4 papers to get through, which isn’t awful but 3 hours per paper felt like a lot, I was cramming in revision, I’m sure I started seeing spots instead of words at least 6 times a day. 

First exam rolls round, I’m feeling nervous yet confident in my tiny shrivelled brain to somehow pull me through. I’m up, dressed, bag ready and off to the train station, but wait, I forgot, Network rail HATE ME. All trains – cancelled, all replacements – non existent, my stress levels – Chernobyl reactor core. WHY ME, WHAT DID I DO (jokes I definitely prayed for this so I could revise more… then regretted those prayers massively).

When I eventually made it to an exam –shockingly– my concern wasn’t remembering anything, finishing all the questions etc my concern was ” Please God do not let me fart, pee or do a Will from the Inbetweeners during this exam”… and I managed not to, and I answered all questions, oh but I forgot to write my name on the front cover… and I wrote the wrong candidate number… I don’t understand what was going through their minds when they offered me a place at this Uni, probably “she’ll be entertaining”. 

There was some serious emotion in these exam halls, people were dropping dictionaries, legs shaking everywhere, one girl actually started crying before the exam started (no it wasn’t me) I hope she did well, I’ve not seen tears like that since I dropped a glass of gin on the floor and stood in the glass, I was more upset about the loss of gin than the loss of blood.  

I don’t remember a thing I wrote in those 3 hours, it’s just a massive blur, all I know is my hand hurt, the boy next to me made some very questionable sounds and those green fabric sheets they put down as makeshift flooring are a whole other level of trip hazard.

That for now is all I have to say on my experience, apart from whoever had to mark my work… I’m sorry, but thanks for giving me such a good grade, we can be friends 5eva. xo



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