Dropping out of UNI….

HAHA got ya, I’m not dropping out, well kind of.

I’m leaving Bristol, and starting my degree over at another university.

This year as a first year is obviously nowhere near as bad as what some people have gone through, but it was f*cking horrific. From the hell on earth that was my accommodation to trains getting cancelled two hours before my exam…. not ok network rail, NOT OK.

I am simply putting it, tired, I’m so tired, I’ve had such little enjoyment out of this experience and that is not ok, and from people I’ve spoken too at other universities that have gone through similar, this just isn’t acceptable for anyone, and it mainly all falls down to UNITE STUDENTS, shocker.

The reasoning behind all of this is a bit too in-depth and a bit too private to put in a blog, but I have recently received other news that has meant it is just better that I remain closer to home. 

I’ll miss the friends I’ve made this year, and my tutors because oh my god they have brains for their brains I swear the intelligence levels are through the roof, but I have to do what is best for me and my health and that is how anyone reading this should view their own lives, you are the most important part of your life regardless of how anyone else see’s it you have to put yourself first.


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