Going Veggie

My god I LOVE avocado.. that’s it, that’s the blog.


Ok I’m kidding, but I do love avocado, a lot and I’m really excited about pumpkin spiced latte’s *Insert basic b*tch here*. I have wanted to try becoming vegetarian for a long time, I began it whilst I was at Uni, occasionally I would slip off the bandwagon and mainly it would be for a Big Mac and mostly for the sauce, there’s something magic in that sauce I swear. 

I adore animals in every sense big, small, fluffy, bald etc etc even spiders, when they aren’t crawling over my feet scaring the absolute sh*t out of me, and the thought of any being tortured or abused simply for us to consume them is beyond unfathomable to me.

You cant beat cuddling a loveable creature, especially my dogs they’re the most loveable beans on the planet in my opinion but I don’t  believe that means I should be able to stare at wild animals in a zoo or see them hung on someone’s wall as a trophy, or eat them because they taste good and its a “natural” thing to do. There is nothing natural about cooking, seasoning and covering a piece of meat in sauce to eat, if it was natural you’d be eating it raw and we all know how that would go.

Changing to a vegetarian diet has been strange, in a good way. I’ve tried so many new foods, I’ve felt so much better in myself and if anything it’s made me realise I never really liked meat, I just didn’t want to be awkward and cause the smallest awkward situation if I struggled to find something on a menu in a restaurant or I had to bring something of my own to a meal to make it easier for those cooking. 

I feel so much better about myself now, than how I did when I started this and I’ve already started swapping vegan foods into my diet in order to slowly progress in that direction, I’m yet to try vegan cheese or chocolate yet, baby steps!

To see some friends and family even join me and try these types of food is really refreshing and comforting and shows that not every meat substitute is gross and taste like cardboard as some may assume. I’d never attempt to force anyone to share my views but to see people open to the ideas, open to new experiences is what every bit of this world needs, especially right now. 

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