Induction Week // Bristol Comparison

I’m tired. That’s all I ever say lately but it’s true.

I made it through my induction week at Worcester University and it was surprisingly quite lovely.

I’m one of the oldest SHOCKING and the majority of these students were born in 2001…. That hurt to type, but still I’ve met a few people and they are genuinely nice.

With comparing this Law school to Bristol Universities law school, they are worlds apart, Worcester’s law school is barely 3 years old and I feel like Bristol’s law school is 300 years old, maybe older. Worcester strive on student satisfaction where Bristol strive on students keeping their grade averages up so they can keep a high position in the Guardian’s university tables.

Bristol as a city has its own problems that impact on the university…. I mean its now known as the cocaine capital of Europe, of course a large endorser of the drug culture in Bristol is students and sometime it just leads to some hazy memories but great stories and other times you end up in a bit of a sticky situation, whether that’s because you’ve been arrested, you’ve overdosed or you forgot to wipe that excess white powder off your nostril before you came to a seminar (true story bro).

Another major problem in Bristol is homelessness, I don’t even need to add statistics in to tell you it’s bad I saw it first hand DAILY. The level of homelessness visible in Bristol only reinforces the major class divide that is prominent in the city, you’re either too rich to give a fuck or too poor to afford a mortgage, then there’s a slight gap in the middle where I sat eating pasta for 6 months.

Worcester is by no means innocent when it comes to the homeless crisis btw.

I was given a free brand spankin new Samsung tablet yesterday…. BRAND NEW with a detachable keyboard case thing (techy techy) to keep, its mine, no catch, we all got one as new law students…. Now this isn’t a “they gave me something they’re better than Bristol kind of argument” it’s important to point out there’s less than 90 students in my year at Worcester… there were over 400 at Bristol, BUT what I do find quite lovely about this scheme is that it makes sure no one is at a disadvantage compared to another student due to them not being able to afford a laptop, everyone gets the same starting point which is great.

In Bristol the use of laptops was highly encouraged in some of my classes, but that left those students that either didn’t have them or had older models that were a biiiiiiit slow feeling side-lined or at a disadvantage. Tip for the future HAND WRITE SOME NOTES, it won’t kill you and to be perfectly honest most students that would have their MAC Books out during lectures would spend the hour looking at their Facebook pages or online shopping….

This is by no means a bashing Bristol Uni post, it may have its flaws (don’t believe everything you read in the news) but it also has a wonderful faculty of some of the most intelligent and caring individuals I’ve ever met in it’s law school, that will literally go to any means necessary to help you with anything and everything you may need and they are worthy of their credibility in the Guardian but maybe student care needs a little more thought and deserves A LOT more funding.

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