Why I hate Dark Dynasty K9

Hate is a strong word, but it applies here sooooo lets roll with it.

If you don’t know what Dark Dynasty is pop it into google and have a little nosey around YouTube. In simple terms they’re a breeder of American Pit bull terriers, or so they say.

They don’t just breed the dogs to sell as puppies, they breed and train the dogs to be “security dogs” that will attack and switch temperament on command, but can also apparently change temperament themselves without any cue… hmm. Dogs are extremely intelligent but they also have their own minds and their own instincts.

These Pit bulls are bred to be over 3 times their standard size…. WHY?! WHAT IS THE POINT. Oh yeah, money. and I’m talking thousands. Considering Marlon Grennan likes to constantly project his love and passion for his dogs like word vomit, he clearly does not care much for the health issues including physical ability… kind of ruins the whole “we produce the best of all the finest bloodlines” spiel.

Dark Dynasty K9 in fact breed mixed breed dogs, this includes the infamous “pit bull” that shot them to fame, Hulk. If you’ve never heard of him just, again go to google, the name fits aside from the fact he’s not green. They constantly like to show off their dogs on camera and their abilities, including the dogs doing command bite training WITH THEIR CHILD, just because they like to reinforce their family friendly values and the safety of their dogs around children… *sure Jan*

Just last year one of the companies Pit bulls Ace was mauled by two of their other younger dogs, due to an error where all three males were let out with a lone female (most likely to breed) and of course male dogs become very territorial over those females when in heat and that’s the same for any dog. Of course Grennan gave his heart breaking interviews over the loss of Ace and simply placed it down to “human error”, would this be the case if those dogs went on to attack another dog and a potential intervening owner….. human error cannot be used as an excuse when lives are at risk and in my opinion that includes other dogs.

The idea that Dark Dynasty are dispelling the stigma and fear around this breed… by turning them into attack dogs….. sure ok. The people actually making a difference to this breed are organisations like New York Bully Crew, and countless individuals and rescue shelters that work tirelessly in rescuing, rehabilitating and educating the world on why these dogs deserve a second chance, and even a first chance to be loving pets just like multiple other breeds. Campaigners that fight to end BSL and excessive breeding work hard to undo the damage companies like Dark Dynasty and other copy cat breeders have done, they deserve the TV shows and the interviews.

I could go on and on for hours about these types of “backyard” breeders and my issues with them but well save ideas for other blogs. All together all dogs deserve to have the BEST lives, they don’t deserve to be something you just want to profit from at the risk of other humans and animals.

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