Be More Kind

I haven’t written on here in so long, not because I’ve had nothing to say, but because I’ve become too worried to say anything. I’m not worried because I have massively controversial things to say or unkind things, but because in my mind I feel like there’s always the risk that people may want to put down what I say or simply take the piss out of what I say or do….. I’m sure I’m not the only person in the world that has those concerns or feels that way.

Hate culture online is huge, people will pick at everything and anything to make themselves feel better or look better or justify their opinions of someone, most of the time its someone they don’t even know.

I’m just trying to be more confident and learn that words should just slide off you, half the time it’s words only assumed to be said not actually heard or seen. People may always be judgmental and unkind but that is their burden to bare and no one else’s.

Sometimes when there’s nothing nice to say, you just shouldn’t say it, take that time where you’re sending a nasty message or making a nasty comment and put it into the things you love in life like family and friends, but if being spiteful is something you love…well…. yikes.


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