The Butterfly Effect

It’s hard to ever pinpoint when something comes to an end, when something ceases to exist, and something grows in its place. Can it be determined by a split decision, by throwing something away, closing a door, it’s hard to pinpoint that exact moment. It may seem more likely that things take time to end.

This isn’t about THE butterfly effect, if you can’t already tell, I’m not sure I even know what that is, it’s simply a title derived from a little butterfly charm I found that was gifted to me many years ago. Finding it so suddenly next to a small crescent moon, after forgetting I had it, signified an end for me to something, something I thought I had already ended in my mind, however it showed that every step leading up to that butterfly was pushing me towards the end, it wasn’t simply a cut-off point.

Grieving is part of any ending, death comes in many forms, it offers many lessons and many outcomes, it is our choice whether to follow the most positive outcome or whether to allow it to consume us, you’ll always find the right help along the way.

I read that butterflies can’t fly when they’re cold. I took that as keeping a warm heart no matter what you face in life will always allow you to grow.

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