How are you? I’m tired….

I don’t think i know how to answer the question how are you anymore without saying…. tired. Tired mentally, tired physically, It can’t be anything to do with the fact i barely drink 50ml of water a day when we’re meant to drink 2L…..

I feel like I need 20 naps, 6 energy drinks and one shot of adrenaline to get me through the day, quite worrying really.

It’s definitely a mental thing, I have to-do lists coming out my ears and for goodness sake I still need to join the ruddy gym!! It’s amazing how my mental state affects my physical state, my arms ache all the time, maybe due to the fact I had a lollipop stick ripped out the left one last monday and still have a little hole in my arm but that’s harmless…. hehehe hARMless…. I’ll show myself out.

Ok in all seriousness I am learning the slightly difficult way that self care is important and so is DRINKING WATER… I say as I sip my homemade frappucino and that’s the tea… well coffee.

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