Tipping point

This is not a post about the programme Tipping Point… although I do enjoy watching that with my dogs in the afternoon pretending I’m a genius and didn’t just google the answers…. anyway

It’s happening, exams, they’re suddenly in view and all the voices in my head have turned into that scene from the office, *Que Steve Carrell screaming ITS HAPPENING*

Of course as we know i’ve done this once before, I have experienced the sudden panic of forgetting what the hell a constitutional convention is, and realising that refering to something as “that weird case I can’t remember the name of” not acceptable apparently.

I’m sure you’re all expecting my wonderful array of knowledge to have lead me to a fantastic revision schedule and methodology… pretty posters, that’s it that’s all i’ve got, on dot paper too they look so pretty, I have all my notes from seminars, lectures etc but the idea of looking through them right now makes me want to pull my spleen out through my nostrils…. yeah it’s that bad.

I feel no one around me is really in the same panicked state as me, either because they have their sh*t together or they’re just way more chill than I am, that second point really isn’t that difficult to reach.

I hate exams, hate hate hate they are just daft memory tests that freak people out and my stomach ALWAYS decides it want’s to do it’s best impression of Dory speaking whale in Finding Nemo the whole way through, not cool.

Maybe if I draw some flowers on the pretty posters it’ll be even prettier and help me to absorb the information. Seems like a solid theory to me.

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