Are you old enough for University?

I’ve had a bit of an opinion (SHOCKING) on the admission age for university for a long time. I personally left education at 17, worked from the age of 15 so when I went back in to education at 20 I was a very different person from my school days.

University is a crazy lifestyle change, especially for those that live in student accomadation. One minute you’re at school still (Sixth form college etc) living at home with your parents/carers (I’m generalising here) the next mintute you’re living with strangers you have complete freedom and suddenly you’re having to look after yourself…. that’s a very big jump in my opinion.

Of course one of the main attractions of university is the opportunity to live away from home, which can be so much fun, but as one of my previous posts showed it can also be an absolute sh*t show. Gaining that independance is great, but it comes with so much pressure that some students just aren’t prepared for. I dealt with my sh*t show pretty well, but that was mainly due to the fact I had experience communicating with large companies, and I had learnt how to write proffesional emails, You go from, kindest regards to kind regards to no f*cking regards at all. I don’t understand how students should be expected to suddenly know how to deal with landlords and anything that might entail, it’s overwhelming.

I’m not implying that they’re unprepared through their own fault, what time do they have to prepare, thrown into school, thrown into uni, no time to get much work experience, and then after uni they want you to have the work experience that you didn’t have time to get because you were getting the degree they also wanted you to get but your inability to time travel and do both things deeply offends future employers…..

I don’t think it would hurt to impose a new requirement for university level entry, that you need a yars work experience (in any sector) bit of life experience, and a bit of experience with finances, couldn’t hurt?

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