Population Cull

Oh my goodness they’re going to cull us all, this is not what I was expecting and I’m hardly the most faithful person in our government.

No I didn’t vote Conservative, I am one of those people that could sit back and say “I didn’t ask for this you did” but what would that do, politicians lie, they lie every day, it’s a money driven profession that lacks any encouragement to truly care for constituents, at least that’s my opinion, yours may be different dependant on your livelihood, personal circumstances etc.

This newly announced strategy of “herd immunity” has sent the country into overdrive, Twitter looks like that gif of Kermit the frog having what I can only describe as a massive panic attack… it’s beyond frantic. People are scared, angry and rightly so, this strategy plays with lives and for our Prime Minister to want the public to prepare to “lose loved ones before their time” and then come out with this magical plan that has the potential to kill so many…. words fail me (rarity, don’t get used to it).

Everyone has a reason to be mad at this plan, everyone knows of someone who will be immunocompromised (learnt that word today, friends in the medical proffesion are great). People *sadly* die every day, for a multitude of reasons but no one wants a government that is actively hoping for people to catch a virus that can be so deadly.

All I’d ask of everyone in this country is, be mad, be really mad, but not at each other, not at the voters, be mad that our government has shown such little care FOR the lives of it’s citizens, be mad that the deaths of the people you love can be justified in a few small words from an obnoxious speech.

Look after each other, think of those most vulnerable and for goodness sake WASH YOUR HANDS.

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