Panic Shoppers

The lack of general care that we as a society show is never far from shocking anymore, walking past the homeless like they aren’t real people, racially abusing people because of a virus that hasn’t even been caused by them, but this panic buying trend just proves that levels of ignorance and selfishness in this country know no bounds.

No amount of toilet roll is going to help your chances against this virus, ramming into other shoppers with your trollies isn’t going to help your chances, this is not a game of top trumps (great game) or gladiators, having the toilet paper card doesn’t increase your immunity to 600.

All these items you frantically stock up on that you probably won’t use and will end up in the bin past their sell by dates could have gone to someone that actually NEEDED them. Food banks, those forced to live week to week, homeless shelters, organisations relying on donations of dried and tinned foods as well as toiletries will be left with nothing at this rate.

Households that need antibacterial sprays and wipes due to having immunocompromised relatives, such as cancer patients, diabetics, respiratory ailments, are left having to try and DIY cleaners to protect their loved ones.

It really wouldn’t hurt to think a little more about other people during this time and then take that and continue to think about other people when this is over, that’s if you haven’t been buried alive by mountains of toilet roll and pasta before then.

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