Boycotting Tesco

Quick disclaimer…. I love Tesco please don’t stop stocking Krispy Kreme ok thanks.

Ok so a new Tesco advert has emerged, you may have seen it, its quite simply three lads cooking a family members recipe and then video calling her to show her what they made.

But it can’t be that simple can it…. no because insert false twitter name with 3 English flags has had an absolute breakdown, level 600 higher than me after I accidentally finish a tub of Ben and jerries’ in under 20 minutes. The problem was that those in the advert were celebrating Ramadan and Tesco is offering halal meat.

Now I’m a vegetarian, I don’t eat meat full stop I don’t care how you kill it I’m not going to eat it but here’s a little secret I’ll fill you in on;

Your kebab you grab at 1 in the morning when you stumble out your local nightclub, Halal.

That Indian takeaway you loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee getting your curry from on a Thursday night, Halal.

Selected Subway, Dominos, Nandos, GBK, Pizza Express (all chicken pizza express and GBK use) – Halal.

Near enough every supermarket sells Halal meat in selected stores. You’ve probably eaten it more times than you realise, and it’s not new.

(No not every chippy and takeaway are halal but a lot of them are and they don’t always say unless you ask them)

I personally think the advert is lovely and I can relate to it massively as I’m constantly showing my step mum recipes, I’ve cooked over lockdown inspired by her.

If you want to boycott Tesco because they have made a family advert showing how people can stay close with family during lockdown, then fab, my trips round Tesco will be a lot nicer without you.

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