The Game of Consent pt 1.

I just want to point out the title…. does NOT encourage the idea that consent is something to play with, more that it consists of rules, rules that should be learnt and followed. There’s analogy after analogy, do they want a cup of tea, if they don’t want a cup of tea don’t give them a cup of tea, if they change their mind mid way through drinkin the tea, don’t make them drink the tea…. since when can this boil down to a cup of tea…. get it…. boil…. I’m here all week.

For the sake of this I’m going to add this list, straight from my lecture slides (gotta make the most of that 9K). So essentially take this list as it is, but remember it’s not so simple, do not use this blog as a defence in your court appearance… I’m not insured for that.

So, guys gals however you identify, IF the person that you are insert Marvin Gaye song here comes under one of the following, DON’T DO IT.

 Violence or threat of violence was used against C or a 3rd party (s.75(2)(a) & (b)
 C was unlawfully detained (s.75(2)(c))
 C was asleep or unconscious (s.75(2)(d))
 Due to a physical disability, C was unable to communicate consent (s.75(2)(e))
 C had been given a substance capable of causing C to be stupefied / overpowered at the time (s.75(2)(f))
(Sexual offences act 2003)

Also…. if you take the condom off mid-way through sex and do not have the consent of the other person to do that…. BIG NONO (google Lee Hogben).

All in all really just be careful, unless you are 100% sure it’s a yes, take it as a no.

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