Black Lives Matter

It’s hard to know what to type for this, the movement is huge it’s changing every day, so I thought I’ll break down a small portion, and for that West Bromwich Albion came to my rescue…. with a tweet.

The official WBA page tweeted their support to Blackout Tuesday, to which a fan responded requesting their season ticket be cancelled. The fan proceeded to make 5 points and they’re quite popular points being made.

Point 1, “How about shops being looted”: Don’t confuse looters with protesters, they are not the same, those looting are not supporting the movement they’re taking advantage of it, you’ll see below photos of protesters blocking looters from entering a store.

Point 2: “What about shopkeepers being killed”: now there’s been a few questionable videos circulating over the days but the one this point related too was of a male being attacked by a group of apparent protestors. the video was shortened and circulated under the label of a shop keeper being attacked trying to defend his store from looters, this wasn’t the case, the individual had actually attempted an unprovoked attack with some form of knife which resulted in him being chased, he was not murdered as was stated. When you see footage circulating remember that it could be cropped, could be old/unrelated and it could be under a false description.

Point 3: “How about police officers being killed” This movement isn’t trying to discredit any deaths or give them any less importance, quite frankly it’s awful seeing officers falling as victims at any time from Andrew Harper to Nicola Hughes and Fiona Bone and in recent days David Dorn, don’t use their deaths to push an agenda or push down this movement, they aren’t forgotten. On that note anyone trying to push other issues over this, the popular one being the Rotherham sex scandal, have you been protesting for them, petitioning, raising awareness, no because the victims are only convenient to push your own agendas, STOP using others tragedies for your personal gain.

Point 4 “How about innocent people being killed regardless of colour” Again this isn’t aiming to make anyone’s life more important than another, lives should be EQUAL, the problem is that if George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Tamir Rice, Trayvon Martin and so many others had been white…. they’d still be here.

Point 5 “How about all lives matter”: They do matter, everyone matters, but I don’t have to worry about my safety just because of the colour of my skin, my mum never had to tell me to keep my hood down and my hands out of my pockets in case a police officer took a disliking to me just because of my skin, All lives can’t matter until Black Lives Matter.

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