We Love Convenience

We love convenience don’t we, just anything easy, ready meals = easy food, online stores = easy shopping, social media = easy contact or easy ways to discredit a movement and reduce it’s value.

*Just a quick one, I share a lot on social media but I go further off social media, petitions, challenging views, educating others and constantly educating myself.*

It’s convenient to just post a black square to social media, but do nothing else to encourage change.

It’s convenient to bring up past tragedies you’ve barely spoken on previously in order to say “when were the protests when”… well exactly where were they… where were you?

Lee Rigby’s name has been mentioned heavily this week and his mother had to make a statement to ask people to stop, she saw through your agendas straight away and so does everyone else.

It’s convenient to say “All lives matter” because it’s such a broad statement but when do the homeless matter, when you accuse them all of being drug addicts….

Where were all these big opinions on who matters when they were needed at the time… not enough things simply pop up on your newsfeed about them, you’d actually have to go and research them, that’s not convenient.

Empty words are useless. If all lives mattering means so much to you, then look beyond your doorstep, look beyond your cosy bubble, look beyond the convenience of what is already there when you load Facebook.

“if you’re interested, you’ll do what is convenient; if you’re committed, you’ll do whatever it takes.”

I’ve been made into a meme now (not by myself, i’d of used a nicer photo) if you’d like to keep it please print it and put it in a black frame. Maybe I should go ginger again…

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