365 days

*This is based solely on the film, I’ve not read the books and I wrote this as I watched it*

….. Well, that was interesting. So, he kidnaps this woman due to some kind of epiphany he had when he was shot…. ASK HER ON A DATE DON’T SEDATE HER.

This is the most bizarre thing I’ve ever seen; I feel like they’ve taken the screaming and struggling and graphic trauma out of the first half of some pretty grim films and added a more appealing culprit with prettier scenery.

I hate to break it to you guys/gals as you currently desperately search for a one-way ticket to this very unrealistic lifestyle, hoping that this is the reality of the mafia and you could scurry off to Sicily for the same experience, try educating yourselves a little bit.

So far, it’s been seductive outfits, abs, and provocative music with a dash of kidnap, violence and a serious dose of Stockholm syndrome.

This constant line of “I won’t touch you without your permission” well I don’t quite think that works when you’re saying it whilst pinning the person down moving your hands all over them.

I completely understand why this film is so popular and that’s because it’s evocative, the kidnap element is the main part to the story however it is pretty minimal , Laura is portrayed as more of a stroppy girlfriend than a victim, Massimo doesn’t want to cause Laura any harm usually associated with a kidnapping / hostage taking, he instead is shown to want to spoil her and look after her.

The film quickly changed from the narrative of a kidnapping to a power struggle, if you didn’t watch the first 40 minutes, you’d just think this was about a very quick moving holiday romance.

The best thing you could ask yourself to understand the problem with this film is “if this was me in this exact scenario but Massimo was not attractive to me at all would I have the same reaction I’m having right now”? Making the culprit a stereotypically attractive person, does not make kidnapping someone in order to seduce them into falling in love with you ok.

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