F*ck the Police

I can feel my dad getting concerned about what this says from here… and he is 300 miles away… HAPPY FATHERS DAY

So, f*ck the police. That expression has been around longer than I have, it is certainly not new it has just gained more attention in recent weeks.  Originating from a protest song from 1988 ( WAYYYY OLDER THAN ME) against police brutality and racial profiling ( ah so the issue has been around longer than I have too, SHOCKING), the phrase has been adapted and used in multiple ways in forms of expression. Like anything the term has also been used to incite hatred and mockery but that’s mostly by people that think “fuck the police” means throwing your rattle out the pram when they pull you over going 120mph in your mums BMW with a spliff in your pocket… It is not the same, you are a spoilt brat that does not like being told off.

Yes, America and Britain are very different, our policing systems are very different, that does not mean there are not multiple flaws in both, but they are very different. Our police force are massively underfunded and overstretched (the extremity of it depends on the area), we have the IOPC (who have recently launched an investigation into alleged police brutality in Birmingham) and as oppose to what is seen as intense aggression training, the old  “shoot first ask later” approach in America, in the UK police are trained with a duty of care drilled into them for around 50 weeks. The American police are armed, which as long as they have their second amendment right they will be, along with the public so for that reason yes they should be armed, they should not be at a disadvantage when trying to arrest someone, but issues of weapons being used when its not a proportionate response are where a problem sits.

The thing is you can train someone for years a certain way, but it does not mean they will follow it. Yes police officers are human and entitled to their own opinions but when they work in a profession that gives them powers above the general public, those opinions can’t infringe their actions, this is no different for a surgeon or a judge, their job must be done without bias and they must be answerable to their actions if it shown there has been some form of bias used.

No not every police officer is bad, I know plenty and I know ones that only have the intention to help, protect and police fairly within their powers, but that is not always the case. In these systems you cannot excuse “one bad apple” because that one can cause harm to many.

*Derek Chauvin, 18 prior complaints before murdering George Floyd

* PC Jordan Powell engaging in sexual activity with victims of domestic abuse

*Simon Bramhall marked his initials on two transplant patients’ livers

* Dr Mina Chowdhury Falsely diagnosed children to encourage parents to use treatment linked to his healthcare firm

* Dr Farid Fata Intentionally misdiagnose and over prescribed drugs as part of one of the largest healthcare frauds in American history

This is a small portion of examples of what is so dangerous about what people with these powers can do that goes unnoticed for so long and no it does not always relate to racism but sometimes it does.

The issues regarding the police that are being voiced during protests are not aimed at the individual, it does not mean they don’t appreciate those that help and defend and in some cases give their lives to protect others, it means there is a problem bigger than the individuals that should be addressed that is allowing those ‘bad apples’ to slip through the net unnoticed. Yes there are going to be those that use the expression ‘F*ck the Police’ to make a mockery of the police simply because they don’t like being policed, but they don’t represent the rest, just as you don’t want those bad apples to represent you.

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