This. Is. Terrifying.

How do people do this?! It’s so scary, not knowing how people will react to this is so frightening.

So i’m Bisexual…. SHOCKING, a lot of people picked up on the potential signs i could be, although, honestly I’ve never really accepted this for myself, I’ve spent a long time fighting this and excusing it pretending it’s overthinking and experimenting simply because it scared me.

I’ve never discussed any past experiences with women with anyone and I probably won’t i’ll only discuss those going forward as and when i’m comfortable. It’s not at all to do with being ashamed of who I am because i’m not at all it is just very new being open about it.

I’ve had the open typical nude sharing kissing malarkey that a lot of girl-friends have but that didn’t contribute to any confusion, none of that came from a place of intent or attraction in anyway other than how they see me because I’m very much a person for appreciating everyone’s beauty but its not a sexual appreciation, all the women in my life are beautiful and wonderful but not because I want to hop on them, because they each have individual quirks and characteristics that make them so lovable, which is the same as i see the men in my life, yes i like men and women but I’m not sexually attracted to all men and women…..

I’ve had a really lovely reaction to all of this so far which is lovely and comforting and I couldn’t of asked for anything more. I’m still the same person I just may have a girlfriend in future or a boyfriend or a wife or husband…. that’s scary….



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