Being the bad guy

You have to be the bad guy in someone’s story…. I cannot remember where I heard this, must have been Sex and the city.

Anyway, it is probably one of the most accurate statements I have ever heard, along with cake makes everything better, that is pretty much the only statement I live by.

So being the bad guy, I have no doubt that every person in the world will be the bad guy in someone’s story because being the bad guy does not necessarily mean something massive and horrifying has occurred.

Ever cut someone up at a roundabout?

Pushed in front of a queue when you spot someone you know near the front?

That person probably goes home and tells their family and friends about that d*ckhead that did something that caused no real harm but still causes a need to vent.

Small things can make you the bad guy in a story, lies can make you the bad guy, a need to protect ones ego and not accept fault in ones actions will make you the bad guy.

It is a pain when someone is purposely making you the bad guy whilst accepting no fault on their part, or straight up lying about events simply to protect their ego and make themselves look good.

These things happen and it’s a lot easier to let it go and allow that person to keep creating those same scenarios for themselves because they will, they wont change until they have accepted where they went wrong and I know that because I’ve done the same thing and it’s a vicious circle that everyone can see if they pay close enough attention, repetition  is hard to miss.

I’ve never wanted to be the bad guy, in anyone’s story but I’ve done what pretty much anyone would conceive as bad things, so surely I have to just accept that I am the bad guy in some stories truthfully and I’m also the bad guy in some stories through lies. I’ve learnt it’s so much easier to accept that fact and not try to correct it, why should I bother, really it’s exhausting and a waste of time, there’s nothing to achieve from it of any meaning or reward.

Its OK to be the bad guy, we learn from our mistakes they help to mold who we are. Accept it and learn from it, then move on.


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