Can’t fix everything

I have this constant compulsion when someone is having a problem to try and fix it. It doesn’t matter what the problem is I’ll be there lil bob the frickin builder ready to fix it.

At first it may just seem like a nice thing to do but it’s become a problem where I’m not doing it to be nice, it’s become my instant response, like my head will blow up if I don’t do it.

The problems could literally be anything and everything and I’ll be straight in there digging for a solution like I’ve suddenly gained a full bachelors in the subject…. It gets worse when it comes to disagreements or people falling out, I have the worst urge to constantly want people to find that common ground and understand where things aren’t always so black and white, there’s always three sides to every story blablabla, but of course everyone wants to be on the side that they deem as “the right side” or the side that makes them look better at that moment.

So why my brain feels the need to want to show people a different perspective in order to potentially resolve something…. I have no idea, because its draining and exhausting yet my brain still wants to do it.

I do genuinely hate to see people struggle which of course fuels the instinct to want to help, but the extreme that my brain goes to is something else entirely, it’s a very intense feeling of wanting to be right….

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