Nobody move…. I’ve dropped my brain

Some days I do wonder if my brain has just fallen out my head, it’s shrivelled up to the size of a raisin dropped out of my ear and one of the dogs has eaten it….. dramatic right.

Thoughts just completely fail to form in my head sometimes, memories they’re just a no go, I can’t remember shit most days, not literal shit, I’m constantly surrounded by dog shit.

I’m not sure why this is happening, I don’t have a magic answer to string together that makes it all make sense.

The headaches are grim, it’s a tight pain, like someone is squashing my raising brain, I’ve always hated raisins, especially the ones that came in those little red tubs, they were sticky ad gross and quite frankly I always used to think they were until I opened the box… I have no idea why.

I take notes of little important things I don’t want to forget, use to do lists, limit phone usage blablabl all that crap you’re told to do…. just have to see if it amounts to anything.

Maybe as time passes with the right help and some form of structure, my brain may feel less like it’s going to be part of a dogs bowel movement and less like it’s being smushed like a stress ball.

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