A Small Update

Well, I had an assessment/therapy session about a month ago now, maybe longer, it has just taken me a while to write about it because I’ve been a busy bee. It was a great session the GP was fab he even made me laugh whilst I had to speak about some pretty horrible things and that was great, I felt so calm.

So the session lasted about an hour it was like a very personal getting to know you session, hi I’m Kate and here’s all my deepest trauma….. I don’t think they’ll be a second date. The basic aim of the session was to assess me, decide on any further help I may require in future and to give me some coping mechanisms as the delays in further assistance relating to mental health are pretty huge within the NHS.

Once the session finished I felt… well….. tired because speaking about these things really does take it out of me! But it was positive and productive. A few days went by and I had some post (THAT NEVER HAPPENS) it was basically a summary of everything that had been spoken about on the phone and it was weird… to have everything written out followed by the connections to the affect that has on my mental health and explaining certain behaviours and it was terrifying but also probably the best thing I could have been given because it gave me some answers and it was something I’d always needed that reassurance on, maybe without even realising.

I don’t really see therapy as a fix I see it as lessons on coping and carrying on in life, excepting that I would never be able to invent a time machine and change what’s happened, I came to terms with that a long time ago but it doesn’t make anything easier it’s just a step in the right direction.

I’ve been put forward for further sessions in future, things seem less daunting and things make sense, like an excellent dot to dot.

One thing I’ll say is I’m not an incapable human being, just because I now openly write and talk about these troubles it doesn’t make me a burden or someone to be ashamed of, it doesn’t make me any more or any less important that anyone else and it doesn’t make my problems any bigger than anyone else’s, it makes me honest.

Finally I’d just like to offer some advice, never tar every person with Mental Health troubles with the same brush. Everyone is individual and not something you can make assumptions on because you’ve watched a mental health storyline on your favourite soap or because you’ve watched a documentary or you know someone that has something like that aka me, Leave the diagnosing, advice and opinion to the professionals, not google or your own personal opinion.

*Since I started writing this I had another session with the same GP to discuss my excellent progress “insert smug Grinch face here”

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