Merry Christmas….. Kind Of

So Christmas news, 5 days, no restrictions go see three other households sit together eat together be merry…. What could possibly go wrong…

Ok I have mixed views on the Christmas plan, good and bad and like most of this pandemic, I feel morally we have been left with no idea which way to go.

On a positive it’s wonderful that people that have most likely spent a large part of this year unable to see loved ones can now get together and enjoy the season, The elderly, those that are unwell they are all able to enjoy Christmases’ that there is a high potential could be their last (bit morbid) but I agree that they should be able to enjoy the season as they please. That’s as far as the positives go.

Negatives are relatively obvious, another wave, a vaccine that’s not ready, road chaos from people travelling up and down the country to loved ones, people travelling from other countries too, it just sounds alarm bells. But the issue that I’ve noticed more than this is one that is not as worrying pandemic wise of the above, but it might cause some arguments over the Turkey. Who do you choose to be your Christmas bubble? Choose between sets of grandparents, siblings, for those of you that usually have massive Christmas celebrations I both do and don’t envy you.

My other issue which I’m sure some will agree with and some won’t, we were put into a lockdown right before EID, and before you hit me with “we’re a Christian country” I know very few Christians, and plenty non believers that bloody love Christmas and Christmas is not the most important celebration in the year, my birthday is because I’m fantastic and I’m white and better than everyone else (that’s what you sound like and it’s ugly). It was just as important for those that celebrate Eid to have been together as it is for you to be with your loved ones at Christmas.

All in all whatever you do decide to do this Christmas, don’t shame people with their choice, don’t act like you’re more important than other people, just be mindful, know the risks and be kind and have a lovely Christmas.

Remember to be Jolly…. Jolly careful

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