The Joker

This one may seem random but just roll with it I’ll keep my bit short. Just remember this is my perspective as someone with very little knowledge of DC comics its just my take on the film and Scott’s perspective as someone who knows a lot more about it than me!

This was such a hyped-up film which I really wasn’t that bothered about seeing. I remember sitting in the cinema and after about 15 minutes wishing I’d gone into the next screen and watched a kids film instead.

Now I know diddly about The Jokers character the story to me he was always something to do with Batman and a bad guy, someone evil and awful, I was wronggggggg.

I struggled to watch this film so much because it was so honest, nothing was glorified nothing was sugar coated it was so brutal in showing an extreme decline in an already unstable character. I just loved the fact to me (someone clueless to DC comic books) it gave the character a believable story, a story that could be related to modern day and not a superhero/villain universe at all.

Nothing in that film felt far-fetched, nothing about it seemed over the top, it just felt real, and to me like a warning and a reminder that we live in a time where mental health, mental illness and the environments that contribute to it are very real and far too often nothing is done until it’s too late and Robert De Niro gets shot on live TV!

(for the purpose of this next bit “we” does not mean everybody I’m using it to cover quite a large number of people, but not to discredit those that do a lot regarding mental health and work hard in a very underfunded and overstretched area)

We live in a world where we don’t really care about each other, we don’t help each other and we don’t notice the big red flags or we choose to ignore them, until they’re on our doorstep and then we want to know why, why was nothing done about this before it was too late, or we just label the people as simply evil or crazy without really showing an interest in why.


The Joker has been a Villainous character ever since he was first made in the 1940s. His Madness and chaotic nature has always been something that emphasises and distinguishes him as a villain. The Joker has always seemed a bit of a demonisation of mental health issues, being as insane as he is, partnering that with society’s lack of understanding regarding mental health especially at the time the character was first created took that demonisation away. The most recent film showed who the joker was behind his make up and grin, he was a fragile damaged man that had been rejected by society since birth. For the first time the joker was not made to be a villain, we could sympathise with him and  almost understand him.

The way they highlighted the worlds lack of care towards people with mental health while also staying true to the comic material, for example, Bruce Wayne’s parents being murdered at the end and the foreshadowing of batman’s face when he looks in the mirror and the way they gave an origin story to The Batmans most enduring nemesis, when he never had one in the comics (There were a few floating about but they’ve changed over the years so no one really knows which is true etc) its  a movie about a broken man who breaks more and more to the point of no return.

This hasn’t been done on film since Jack Nicholson played him, but this is the jokers OWN movie. And its not full of the typical Good guys saving the day etc etc,

It highlights the lack of care towards mental health by todays society,

The double standards involved regarding people of different classes, and one thing that really spoke to me about that movie that I have had personal dealings with myself….is the way he had everything taken from him; his job, his medication any help after being kicked down repeatedly by society (both figuratively AND literally) he then creates a fantasy world as his only escape. Getting the girl, being a stand up comedian Living his dream….which turned out to be exactly that, a dream.

This movie has changed the way the world sees the popular crown Prince of crime and in my opinion, for the better.

Overall what we decided as our conclusion (GO TEAM) was that there’s a little bit of Joker in all  of us “all it takes is one bad day”

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