Social Media

I really hate social media, it’s like the marmite of my life…. Well sort of I actually really like marmite especially with spread cheese on a bagel.

Social media is brilliant in so many ways, it connects people, it educates, grows businesses etc but it’s also the shittiest collection of platforms filled with backward guidelines, bullying, stalking and just a lot of nasty things.

For this part when I use the term stalking, I certainly don’t mean to a degree where it becomes criminal, no fear, threat, harassment cause of alarm nothing along those lines.

I’ve, in the past, used social media to be a right dick, to the point of being one (of some) to use a fake account to stalk (be nosey, not cause harm, fear, threaten etc) people… NOT something I’m proud of, pretty sure it was my idea too, so embarrassing!

Social media makes it easy to find out a lot about people, it’s not a skill, girls don’t really go full FBI investigations like those weird quotes say, the information is simply there it’s been openly shared by the individual and is easy to look for, again something I’ve done not proud of that either it’s a daft thing to do, taking such an unnecessary interest in someone’s life.

Unfortunately, this weird and obsessive behaviour didn’t start annoying me until it started happening to me and I just completely hit my limit. When people actively seek out others to simply look for reasons to be unkind it’s embarrassing and cruel and I’m embarrassed for myself that I was once like that, never again I have no interest in behaving like that or being around people that do its unhealthy.

Now going back to the term stalking one thing that has happened to me constantly over the last 7ish years is someone who uses my social media as well as my family and friends to essentially stalk me. It’s horrible and very unsettling, at times its absolutely terrified me because this person appears to constantly be trying to keep tabs on me. I am very aware this is so minor compared to the awful things some people go through with stalkers but that doesn’t make it easier to deal with.

 I have gone back and forth for the last few days about writing this, mostly because I know this individual will see this and I don’t know how they’ll react but quite frankly I’m done allowing this person to frighten me, I’m done tiptoeing around their actions and trying to be polite and civilised to someone who is making me so uncomfortable, instead I’m going to stand up for myself.

I cut down a lot of my social media a few days ago, I removed an awful lot of followers from Instagram even before then because overall it was a comfort, a small comfort but still plus it got rid of all the spam accounts, bots etc they’re so irritating, and it’s quite nice to just start again with it.

Best thing that works for me if social media ever gets too much, I’m looking at you twitter, I just do the simple thing of switching everything off for a while, it’s great, makes things seem a bit quieter sometimes.

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