Happy New Year

I fell asleep well before midnight last night…. I’m usually asleep my half 9 most days there was no way I was making it to midnight unless it was getting up to have a wee.

So it’s 2021… just like every year I feel no different to the last, but there’s plenty in 2020 I’m happy to be saying goodbye too, and plenty I’ll be happy to remember. 2020 was the year I placed all my cards on the table, I was open about my past struggles and my choice to now address them openly and honestly, as well as addressing a lot of parts of myself I really didn’t like, I hit some almighty lows but from that I’ve become someone that I’d always wanted to be.

I hope for nothing but lovely days ahead but I accept that may not always be the case nothing is guaranteed and I never could of imagined this being my life a year ago today.

My New Years Resolution is just to keep improving myself keep taking everything a day at a time and constantly reminding myself how lucky I am after these last few months (I really am very lucky).

My best tip for this New Year (to narrow it down to something small), which is something I’ve learnt to do and has only brought me positives and made me a lot kinder….. Stop concerning yourself with people no longer in your life, let it go, move forward, it say’s more about you how you discuss someone you no longer engage with than it does about them. Sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself is move on.

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