Tier 4 Covid Holidays

I’m getting a bit fed up of constantly getting notifications of breaking news and it being another social media influencer strutting round in a bikini because they’ve travelled abroad over the Christmas holidays. I’m not just fed up because I disagree with it, I’m fed up because there’s other news worthy events going on that aren’t getting anywhere near the amount of the attention needed because we’re more concerned with what outfits people going on holiday are wearing!

One thing worth mentioning is there’s a fair few people escaping tier 4 areas, whether it’s by going abroad or travelling to lower tier areas, it’s not just influencers they just get the most clicks on “news reports” (ITS NOT NEWS).

There are loads of circumstances for traveling (abroad, down the road, across the country etc) where I personally wouldn’t turn round and say “I don’t think you should do that”, mainly where it involves a dying relative.

Have I considered going on holiday this year/last year? no not really…. but that doesn’t mean I don’t understand some people considering it, I also understand an entire industry encouraging it, travel companies are going to be suffering and they’re going to be trying to stay afloat. I try not to compare peoples circumstances because to me it’s pointless but people are dying, people are missing out on holding a loved ones hand whilst they pass away…. this isn’t something we can all run away from to a holiday in Dubai.

So of course I draw a line somewhere on when this actually starts to irritate me and it becomes news worthy and Zara Holland has managed to make me feel like the angry creature from Inside Out. In short, the current story is Zara and her boyfriend travelled to Barbados for New Years from a Tier 4 area. When in Barbados her boyfriend tested positive for Covid and they were both given red wristbands and told officials would arrive to assist transporting them to a covid facility. Zara and her boyfriend suddenly decided they were King and Queen of the world and this wouldn’t apply to them. They cut their wristbands off, fled the hotel and attempted to board a plane back to the UK…. A PLANE FULL OF PEOPLE. Thankfully they were stopped…. arrested and taken to this covid facility. Zara has now been removed from the facility (No idea why) but her boyfriend is still there. She’s released a statement claiming it was all a misunderstanding and she would never put anyone at risk blablabla….. her PR team must be actual geniuses if they can swing this to make it look like a misunderstanding but lets wait and see!

This is just a blatant disregard for others and trying to avoid the results of a risk they willingly took. Arrogant behaviour and completely irresponsible and I just can’t see a way this can be excused.

If you’re going abroad simply for a holiday just follow the rules, isolate, get tested, spin round an onion 20 times… look I don’t know just be sensible. I moved house during this pandemic (it’s completely legal to do) we followed every rule we were given and it really wasn’t that difficult, there’s no excuse for disregarding the safety of others just because you want a holiday.

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