Driving home for Christmas…. And never coming back!

I’m kidding, I have to come back next week, Yay. I’m not prepared, at all.
It’s the holidays I’ve been busy eating my weight in pigs in blankets and forcing my dogs to love me and then eating their weight in pigs in blankets. No in all honesty skipping the formative exams and extending my Christmas break was the best choice EVER. Oh yeah, I’m not the next Eve Cornwell, I’m not a good influence for other students/ also not a very good student in general *insert halo and angel wings*.
In the last three weeks my fellow students have been literally tearing their hair out, staying up until fuck knows what time in the morning, revising for these exams that you get NO MARK FOR, that DON’T COUNT TOWARD YOUR FINAL GRADE AT ALL, THAT ONLY LAST ONE HOUR BUT APPARENTLY REPRESENT THE THREE HOUR EVIL THAT AWAIT US IN MAY. So, you get it, POINTLESS.
So, what have I done in the last three weeks…. ate everything, been to Nottingham, Cardiff and My lovely Birmingham for gigs, got a new tattoo, celebrated my birthday, drank a lot of gin, ya know all that fun stuff. I have also been ill, friggin Christmas flu or whatever they called it so really it was more my doctors nono that meant I couldn’t go back for exams, so I just made the most of my medical detainment.
Now at least I’m healthier… kind of… ready to return to uni to get back to my half arse work ethic and play candy crush during the lectures… just kidding, maybe.


Exposing Children to Politics?!

I’m not sure why I’m writing this at this time of night…. My usual rule is no in depth typing after 11 but it’s happening.

Lets dive straight in….

One thing I’ve learnt being at uni is that a lot of students, and staff members are very open with their political views. I could probably point to every lecturer I’ve had and stand a 95% chance of who they voted for in the last election.

I am in no way implying that political views are being forced on me at all, quite the opposite in fact discussions are very open and welcoming. It’s a hard subject to study and teach without an element of political view showing especially with Brexit related news around every corner.

By now I’m sure a few of you have seen the video circling of a young boy from Huddersfield appearing to choke and attempt to what I can only describe as “waterboard” a fellow student, whilst in uniform, potentially on school grounds.

The alleged reasoning behind this video is blurry, I’ve seen claims that the labelled “bully” was defending his sister, however the main reasoning that has come out of this is that this was a racially motivated attack due to the alleged “victim” being Syrian. I want to stress at this point I don’t know the hard Facts of what has happened I’m not going to pretend I do I’m simply commenting on what I’ve seen, do not take my words as gospel, in fact never take anyone’s words as gospel, form your own opinion on things ( with facts to support you of course)!

Within a very short space of time the magic of social media managed to pull up the alleged bullies name, social media pages, address, the school he attends, his family members and his friends. I am not going to name any of those on here, I quite frankly don’t agree with any type of witch hunt especially on children, I’m sure a few of you may do your own research and be able to form your own opinions on this individual.

Of course, I’ve had a look at this boys Facebook page (bit nosey what can I say). The comments that have been left on the most recent public post are quite frankly disgusting and will gain absolutely nothing apart from the need for the police to intervene and protect this boy from the MULTIPLE threats and abhorrent abuse. I am not defending this boy at all nor am I saying people are wrong to want to vent emotion due to this footage (quite frankly it broke my heart watching the footage) but posting comments such as “Die in hell bastard I’m going to shag your mum so hard” and “stupid little cunt. Can’t wait for you to have your fukin head kicked in” and sooooo much more (I mean over 2000 comments) I’m not 100% sure what this will achieve.

What has hit me most out of this entire situation (aside from the obvious) is that it’s shocking how exposed younger generations are to politics. I don’t mean they’re forced to sit, and watch parliament TV live (more sense comes from Secret life of kids show on channel 4) but the views they are exposed to on social media, mainly extreme ones, mainly warped stories and falsified footage from both extreme right and extreme left supporters (I’m an extreme ice cream eater…. that’s about it).

Human minds to me are like big sponges we can soak up so much and actually do so many wonderful things with the knowledge we gain, but our susceptibility to people that sound as though they know what they are talking about, or in fact tell us what we want to hear can be dangerous.

If we pull it right back to when we are children we do as our parents say, we believe what are teachers tell us, we adapt and form our personalities, our views and our Morales around those that we look up to and admire. Nowadays its so easy to admire someone on a screen and take their words as gospel on situations that truthfully you know nothing about, as soon as something complex is worded in a simplistic (and usually inaccurate way) we believe it, without thinking twice.

The Facebook of the young boy in question has clear links to some extreme views, just looking at these posts he has shared and supported made me think, you’re a child why are you being exposed to this? why are you arguing things you can’t yet understand? I’m not implying a lack of intelligence on this boys’ part at all nor am I trying to reduce any credibility or accuracy of these posts (save that for another day) this is more something I deem highly inappropriate for someone of school age that is not even old enough to vote, to be forming such strong views on.

Children should be taught more about politics, and how their country is ran as it is their futures that the decisions of these elected bodies and us as voters are impacting, however I will never agree with the exposure of any form of extremism to children, whether left or right, yes both exist but only one really looks interesting on the front page of the daily mail!! Shouldn’t kids be allowed to just be that…..KIDS?! That’s not even slightly a choice in some countries around the world, surely it should be a cherished opportunity here!

I am sure if you have not yet seen the video or read the story it will pop up on your timelines soon, I hope you won’t reduce yourselves to writing threatening messages over Facebook but quite frankly that’s none of my business *insert sipping Kermit here*. There’s so much better you can do with your time and we all have an incredible amount of power to make a change in the world!


*please don’t forget to help your local charities especially this time of year*

group of children walking near body of water silhouette photography
Photo by ajay bhargav GUDURU on Pexels.com

Love Island…. Are you sure

Its over for another year, the show I can only compare to marmite, you either love it or you hate it.

I try not to delve into the emotional attachments of these shows, it’s far to easy to become overly involved and invested in the “realities” shown, but I do love those plastic water bottles.

So let’s dive straight in. As these contestants enter these shows voluntarily does it give you the right to ridicule, insult and bully them….
Short answer no.
Long answer NOOOOOOOOO!

One consistent opinion I’ve seen through this season of love Island is that it’s been too tame, not enough stirring by producers, not enough drama. From another angle it has been claimed the producers have been emotionally abusing and manipulating contestants, further to this previous contestants have claimed they didn’t receive enough care after they left the show. So where do we even start? You can’t demand that we go back to having individuals subjected to guessing which nasty tweet is about them whilst demanding their mental health and welfare is protected, it just doesn’t work.

BTW if you attack a girl verbally for having plastic surgery and then ridicule and mock her appearance before the plastic surgery, then you are living on a very ugly hamster wheel.

Watching season 2 back was eye opening to say the least (binge watching netflix). Games were set up and played in order to stir up drama and a bit of conflict in that moment, but I couldn’t bare to imagine the lasting affects of hearing a boy say that he’d bed you then go off with another girl, could have on someone.

Personally I really enjoyed season 2 of Love Island and for so long I argued it to be the best season, but now I’m starting to question my own stance on this show.

My favourite and one of the most stand out moments of season 2, the speech given by Sophie Gradon . She in so few words made it clear that girls can do ANYTHING we want and WILL do anything we want and that’s something the world will have to learn to live with. She had myself and many others like me swinging our metaphorical bras round like cowgirls (or maybe our actual bras who knows). It was an empowering and unforgettable moment.

Sadly the world after reality TV was not one Sophie could continue in, a very sudden and heartbreaking loss of a young vibrant woman.

These people voluntarily enter a show, potentially with the aims to find fame as reality shows are a very strong entry into the world of celebs. Does the voluntary action give us the right to poke and prod at them and twist their emotions for our entertainment? Do these types of shows need a serious re think?

Social Media is an ugly world in general, leaving young people in tears just because they’re not societies idea of perfection. I ate my weight in fries tonight but if you want to drink detoxing teas great, you do you, but don’t go giving me no judgy eyes.

I could go on for hours writing about the pain caused by words but hopefully this opens perspectives a little bit, it may form further opinions and reflections. Maybe this will make you think twice before you post that negative comment and lastly I hope one day no one has to feel the way this young and beautiful woman did.



Tatts none of your business…

Tattoos… They’re great, in my opinion, especially mine…. they’re the best!

When asked about them I turn into THAT mum at work constantly showing off her kids latest finger painting… which I’m sorry but it looks like someone sneezed paint on a piece of paper, ate it spat it back out and left it outside on a hot day…. This must be how people that don’t like Tattoos feel when they see me in anything short sleeved.

I’ve never understood the urge people have to stop me and ridicule my choices of the permanent little masterpieces, especially when I don’t ridicule anyone’s finger paintings, but they do, all the bloody time.

It’s always those typical comments… You know the ones;

“what will you look like when you’re older” my mother/my father/ pretty damn cool.

“Who will employ you” no one because I’ll be employing them, *insert hair flip here*

“That’s permanent you know” Look love I’m covered in almost £800’s worth of ink and stabby stabby holes so it best be bloody permanent.

I even designed most of mine, (minus a few from the inking angel that is Rebecca Winters from Cosmic monster), I’m so proud of them and they mean an awful lot to me. No I don’t have massive stories behind them, so don’t ask me what they mean or any of that jazz, because they mean I drew some fun squiggles and committed to them on a permanent level… The end.

I do get some lovely comments about them, they certainly outweigh the bad, although when a girl got a hold of my top to see my back piece and nearly strangled me I did consider wrapping myself in bubble wrap… But we hugged so its fine, I think…

Tattoos are not for everyone, I don’t think any less of those who don’t have them, and I would hope I wouldn’t be thought less of for mine, they’re not going to jump out and bite you, I on the other hand make no promises.